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M&A Consulting

M&A Consulting

Since 1997, the market for M&As in Japan has continued to grow, stimulated by calls for structural reform and recent changes in laws. Recognizing the opportunities created by these changes, Global-C has begun helping foreign companies acquire Japanese firms and Japanese companies acquire American firms. Specific services include partner selection, negotiation support, and post-merger integration. Global-C maintains a close affiliate relationship with Ridgecrest Capital Partners, a private US investment bank, for expertise on M&A-related transactions.

From 2007, the Japanese corporate tax will be changed and foreign companies can acquire Japanese companies exchanging its stock. Therefore, we expect that lots of foreign companies will try to buy good Japanese companies and extend their business in Japan.

If you would like to pursue M&A activities in Japan, please contact us. We are happy to help expanding your business in Japan.

Buying Company :

We will recommend synergistic targets, where the logic 1+1=3 applies.

Selling Company :

We will help you with the sale so that the result that afterward, the outcome is 1-1=2

Dear Client who would like to acqire companies in Japan:

Benefits to the acquiring company

When one company purchases another, the purchaser tends to think in terms of 1+1 = 2 logic. However, fully exploiting the strengths

of both companies is a complementary ways can to lead to synergies, resulting in a 1+1=3 type result.

Through an M&A , it is possible to smoothly acquire another company's sales and manufacturing infrastructure and expand into additional

markets more quickly. M&As, based on a fresh look at company strategy can create synergies that facilitate early market expansion and buys

time that can be used to smoothly enter new markets and increase the firm's value.

Provision of Information

In the blog, Global-C provides all kinds of information on M&As.

Market Research

This is a page for questions by foreign visitors interested in Japan business. After filling in your name and Email address, send us your questions.

One of our consultants will reply, furnishing you with information on Japanese industry.

M&A Structure

Based on published data and interviews, we will help you clarify your M&A strategy by advising you on the type of M&A form and valuation strategies.

Introduction of Targets

This page introduces M&A targets. The company names are non-public, but if you find a company you are interested in, we will have you sign

a confidentiality agreement. Thereafter, we will tell you more about the company.

Negotiation of Terms

We will review available information on the target company, and negotiate conditions after meeting with executives of the target company.

Preparation of Letter of Intent / Understanding

We will prepare the Letter of Intent and have it signed by executives in the target company. By the time this stage is reached, you should not

be considering other targets.

Assistance with Due Diligence

The target company's financial health, legal status and other due diligence issues will be assessed on site by CPAs, attorneys and other specialists.

Preparation and Signing of Sales Contract

After addressing problems uncovered by the acquisition audit, we will negotiate final terms and conditions of the sale, draft the legal contract, and

Administer the signing process.


This is the case where the company managers purchase the firm. These managers become owners by acquiring the business..

Matching with Foreign Corporations

We will create new business opportunities by connecting Japanese and foreign firms. Whether you are a foreign venture firm aiming to invest in

Japan or a foreign company seeking market entry, we will introduce Japanese firms that can help you.

Acquisition of American Firms

Partnering with California-based Ridgecrest Capital Partner, we can assist you with the acquisition of US firms.. As our Japanese consultants

have had years of experience working in the States, we can introduce lawyers and other specialists as well.

Companies considering selling a company

Benefits to the Seller

When operating results are poor and there are no successors to leadership positions, if a purchaser can not be found in timely fashion, the company

the company runs the risk of going bankrupt. By transferring the company to a third party in a cooperative manner, you not only resolve the

problem of not having management successors, but the company itself will likely grow through the infusion of capital, management know how,

and technology from the parent. In addition, you will be able to keep employees of the acquired company employed.

Evaluation of Goodwill

We have recently begun offering evaluation of expected goodwill from selling a small or mid-sized firm.

For a fee, of 50,000 yen (tax included), we will confidentially assess the goodwill potential of an acquisition target

For this assessment, we will need financial statements for the most recent three operating periods, cash flow statements, income tax records,

and a 3-5 year business operating plan. Once you have an estimate of the value at which the company can be sold, you can determine whether

you should actually go ahead with the sale.
As a separate, optional service, we offer consulting on how to increase company value.

Acquisition Defense Strategies

In 2007, commercial law was amended to allow acquisitions by stock swaps. In light of this change, we can expect foreign firms with high market

values to try and acquire Japanese firms. If you want to fend off a foreign suitor, how would you do it? Conversely, if you ware willing to be acquired,

how to negotiate the terms? Our experienced consultants can help you address these questions.

We are a well-reputed company managed by knowledgeable, experienced, bilingual professionals

We are a nimble company that specializes in consulting to small and midsized firms and on facilitating M&As.

Having spent over ten years in the US , I have ample experience and am able to flexibly address a broad array of M&A needs. In the US , Global-C

maintains a rich network, so you can also trust us with acquisitions in the US .

You can review our consultants' area of speciality by clicking on the following link”

Companies that would like to buy Japanese firms.

After learning about the type of company you would like to acquire, we will introduce suitable candidates.

When we consult with you, we would like for you to have the following information available:

  • ”Acquisition Needs Application Form” ( We will furnish this prior to the meeting. )
  • Certified copy of commercial registration.
  • Copy of your company's Statement of Accounts and Supporting Schedule for the most recent operating period.
  • Company prospectus

We maintain the confidentiality of all parties with whom we transact business. Until a confidentiality agreement is signed, all information that is sent will be with

out identifying information.

Contact us>> Please click here to contact us or send inquiries.

Firms that would like to sell a Japanese company or assets in Japan

We will contact you to learn precisely the type of firm / assets you would like to sell in Japan and introduce firms interested in such assets.

We request that your submit the following at the time of your consultation meeting:

  • “Consultation Sheet” ( Will send prior to meeting )
  • Certified copy of commercial registration
  • Copies of the Statement of Accounts and Supporting Schedule for the most recent three quarters
  • Copies of your most recent three tax returns
  • List of Shareholders (is possible)
  • Company brochure, product catalog, and other information about the company

We will conclude a non-disclosure agreement will maintain confidentiality in providing services to you.

Service Fees


Amount Transferred
(Transaction Value)

Contingency Fee
(Tax Included)


10,000,000 yen or less

1,130,000 yen ( Including tax )


30,000,000 yen or less

2,3000,000 yen ( Including tax )


60,000,000 yen or less

3,300,000 yen


1,000,000,000 yen or less



3,000,000,000 yen or less

4%( However, more than the fee in case D above )


10,000,000,000 yen or less

3%( However, more than the fee in case E above )


More than 10,000,000,000 yen

2%( However, more than the fee in case F above )

We will 15,000 yen / hour for our services, payable by the 15 th of the month following the date billed. If the acquisition is successful, the above fee schedule applies., minus the hourly fees previously billed. Payment of due on the 15 th of the month following conclusion of the acquisition contract.

Negotiation Support

Our facilitators are well trained, experienced, and bilingual. We can negotiate with Japanese companies and foreign companies very well.

HR Training

Global-C provides interactive training workshops on presentation, negotiation, and meeting skills in both Japanese and English, and global leadership workshops in English. Our facilitators are well trained, experienced, and bilingual. In addition to training, Global-C also offers consulting services to companies in the areas of organizational development, cross-cultural management, talent identification and development, and performance management. Global-C also designs custom training programs for companies.


Global-C is partnering with Ridgecrest capital partner and Commins & Templeton in San Francisco to support Japanese companies to acquire US company in the US.

Global-C is partnering with lots of professionals including accountants, lawyers and others to team up M&A process.

Global-C is partnering with Korean consulting companies to acquire Japanese companies/assts in Japan.