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Mission Statement

We are a consulting firm that specializes in helping companies extend their global reach by providing products, services, and information companies need to compete successfully in Japan.

M&A Consulting

We can help foreign companies to acquire/merge Japanese companies/assets through stock exchange or on cash.

Int'l Business Support

We can conduct marketing research to sell/promote your products/service or to acquire Japanese companies in Japan.

Import Service

We help Japanese companies to import goods/raw materials from South East Asia, USA and so on. We can sell your wanted products to Japanese market.

Export Service

We help Japanese companies, like Fukui Fibertech to sell their products to all over the world. We can buy your wanted products to Japanese market.


We handle twelve language translation including English, French, German, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, Spanish, Vietnamese, Italian, Russian, Polish and Serbian using staffs worldwide.


Management Consulting

We offer consulting service to companies in the areas of organizational development, location advice, accounting and financial assistance.


We sell products from our partners products through our web site and Yahoo!Shoppings, including Phlash, paintin.

HR training

We can design custom HR training including talent identification, cross-s-cultural management and development and performance management.


Through, we provide opportunities for Japanese businessmen and students to extend their international communication skills.

Web production

We can help Japanese/Foreign companies to provide the appropriate web site to promote service/business without any misunderstanding.

Please send inquiries to Global-C Inquiries